Our Board

Meet Our Board Members

    • Brittany Michaels
      Brittany is the Deputy Director of the Champaign Public Library. She is a member of Champaign West Rotary and Executive Club of Champaign County. Brittany believes early literacy, in particular, is extremely valuable and significant to personal development and to communities as a whole.
    • Tina Johnson
      Vice President

      Tina Johnson an Amdocs Corporate Social Responsibility. She manages the environmental footprint, labor standards, human rights in operations and supply chain, empowering employees, and making positive contributions in local communities for Amdocs.

    • Kristina Lawhead

      Kristina is the Activity Coordinate for Clark-Lindsey. She is a member of Junior League of Champaign-Urbana and she serves as an Advisory Council member for RSVP. An avid reader, Kristina seeks to help others get to the point where reading is attainable and enjoyable.

    • Chad Hoffman

      Chad is the Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity and the former owner of Rogards Office Supply Company.

    • Sheila Lamb
      Board Member

      Sheila has joined the Board of Directors of The Reading Group. Sheila is a Substitute Teacher and has seen first hand the significant improvements The Reading Group has made for students who learn differently. Sheila feels these services are second to none, and not replicated anywhere else in our community.

    • Krista Schwarze
      Board Member

      Krista is an Education Manager at Granular.  Prior to focusing on organizational learning, Krista was an elementary teacher and a middle school language arts teacher.  She is a member of Mahomet Rotary Club and the Champaign County Farm Bureau.  Krista knows the importance of literacy skills as they are the foundation of all learning.

    • Tim Polley
      Board Member

      Tim is currently a member of Carle’s strategy and growth leadership team. Area of responsibility is to enhance service offerings, expand Carle geographically, spearhead the merger & acquisition process, and identify joint venture opportunities as well as further development of regional partnerships

    • Ann Wampler
      Board Member

      Ann is a retired educator from Unit 4 Schools.  As a reading instructor and instructional coach she worked first hand with children who struggled with learning to read in a traditional classroom setting.  Ann is very interested in exploring various approaches to reading to accommodate different learning styles, which is why she supports The Reading Group.  Reading has brought her many hours of pleasure and she would like that for everyone.  Ann serves on The Champaign Library Foundation Board.