Kids Resources - Science

March 08, 2019

This multimedia website deals with NASA careers and astrobiology research. The concept is to search for and design a habitable planet. Students enter training, are quizzed on their knowledge, and adjust the features of potentially habitable planets to see what makes a planet habitable and why. The recording of student observations ties this activity to the basics of the scientific process.

The Atom’s Family
Choose from the Mummy’s Tomb, Dracula’s Library, The Phantom Portrait Parlor, Frankenstein’s Lightning Laboratory, and Wolfman’s Graveyard. Learn about the properties of light, waves, and particles. Learn about energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy.Learn about the principles of atoms and matter. This site contains fun, hands-on activities.

Exploratorium – Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception
This is a great site to learn more about science doing fun, hands-on activities.