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September 20, 2014

Animal Pictures Archive
Great site where you can find pictures and sound files of all types of animals to print out or to download.

Find great information on animals at this site. Includes an alphabetized list, and links to drawing and games.

Dinosaur Facts
Information about over 500 different species of dinosaurs.

Extreme Science Creature World
Have you ever wonder what the biggest, baddest,and best animals are in the natural world? Check out these world records and learn about the biggest snake, faswww land animal, deadliest animal, oldest animal and much more.

Kid’s Farm Wild Animals
Pictures, information, sounds and more about animals found on this farm in Colorado. Great music, too!

Play educational games, watch PBS KIDS shows and find activities like coloring and music.

The San Diego Zoo
Check out the world’s most famous zoo site. Read about its residents, its workers and ask questions to further understand the animals. Be sure to check out Kid Territory!

The Shedd Aquarium
This site is the official site of the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Read about the baby Beluga and other gentle giants and sea fairing creatures at the world. s premiere aquarium.

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