Program and outreach committee of The Reading Group
  • LEAP is a group of parents and professionals in east central Illinois who are interested in the study of methods and strategies that help students with dyslexia, reading disabilities, and other learning differences. The group of parents, teachers and other professionals explores new ways to deal with the frustrations and tensions that so often accompany dyslexia.

    LEAP provides workshop during the school year. Meetings are free and open to the public and are announced on our Facebook page. The Champaign-Ford Regional Office of Education provides clock hour credits for educators. Videos of Workshops are available on YouTube. The LEAP collection of books and materials is housed at The Reading Group, located at 3011 Village Office Place (Village at the Crossing on Windsor and Duncan Roads) in Champaign. These resources are available for review by parents, teachers, and college students by calling (217) 367-0398 to schedule an appointment. The LEAP collection of resource materials was funded in part by the Rotary Club of Urbana.

    For more information about LEAP contact Marilyn Kay at (217) 367-0398 or by email at mfkay0914@gmail.com

    Four videos (approximately 30 minutes each) that feature previous LEAP presentations and panel discussions. The titles of these videos are:
    Getting to Know You
    Dyslexia and Anxiety
    Perspectives from Experts
    Dyslexia Awareness and Actions in our Colleges and Universities